A simple tip to nail all your meals!

Ever wondered why there is a red spot in the middle of every Tefal frypan?

It’s not a logo, it’s a unique smart temperature indicator that tells you when your pan is hot enough to get the best cooking results. The Thermospot colour changes as the temperature increases… turning a solid a red when the ideal temp is reached, you can start cooking!

Because just like your oven, your pan needs to be at the exact right temperature (180 degrees) to sear your ingredients to perfection! So your food is tender inside, crispy outside, and you preserve the texture, flavours and colours of your ingredients.

And with it’s ‘Made in France’ ranges, Tefal surely means serious business when it comes to cookware!

Find out more about Tefal unique Thermospot here: https://www.tefal.com.au/thermospot