The Secret To Great Taste Is In The Seasoning

Ever cooked a meal that didn’t quite flow well with your palate? You’ll definitely know the feeling it leaves you with as you scratch your head, trying to strike that right balance of taste.

If you’re on a quest to find flavourful umami perfection, look no further, as the secret is in the seasoning!

Go ahead and add bland and tasteless to your list of cooking faux pas, because with AYAM™ Seasoning Sauce you’ll be cooking up delicious authentically Asian meals in no time.

Drizzle some AYAM Seasoning Sauce on your eggs, stir fries and soups, however you like to cook them to give it that extra boost of flavour needed to spice up any meal.

Unlike other sauces, AYAM prides itself in avoiding any nasties such as added MSG, flavour enhancers and colours to give you an authentic taste that you and your entire family can appreciate!

Find AYAM™ Seasoning Sauce in the Asian Food aisle of Woolworths. For more information about the product, check out their website: