Venison Sausage


500g venison mince

500g venison loin, finely dice

1 cup bacon

300g suet fat

1 pkt caul fat

1 bunch thyme, chopped

1 bunch chives, chopped

1 tbsp. juniper berries, chopped

½ cup dried cherries

¼ cup brandy

¼ cup port




In a large mixing bowl combine the venison, fat, herbs, bacon, berries, brandy, port, cherries, salt, pepper. Mix and place into piping bag. Lay caul fat out onto board. Pipe sausage mixture onto caul fat. Roll into sausage shape. Roll up and skewer. Pan fry for couple minutes on each side until golden brown.

Remove skewers and serve on a bed of sauerkraut with tomato relish.