Vegetable Halloumi Pikelets

Serves 1-2
Time 15-20 minutes


1 cup steamed vegetables, mashed
2 eggs
¾ spelt flour
¼-½ cup full cream milk, add until the desired batter consistency
½-1 cup haloumi, grated
¼ cup mixed fresh herbs
2 tbsp olive oil

2 punnets perino tomatoes, chopped
1 cucumber, chopped
1 red chilli, chopped
Fresh herbs
1 lime
Olive oil


Mix all of the ingredients for the pikelets – except the vegetable oil – in a large mixing bowl.

Heat a frying pan over medium heat, add the olive oil.

Spoon 2-3 tablespoons of mixture into the pan.

Cook pikelets for 2-3 minutes on each side, or until golden brown.

Combine the salsa ingredients well in a bowl.

Serve warm and top with the salsa.