Vegan Pho with Plant Based Chicken

Serves 3
Time 1 hour


1½ tsp coriander seeds

5-star anise pods

2 cloves, whole

1 cinnamon stick whole

1L of porcini mushroom stock – low salt 

1 cup water

2 brown onions, cut in half

3 tsp vegan fish sauce

3cm piece of ginger, cut into two 

3 spring onions, cut white portions into 5cm length pieces, reserve green portions for serving 

1 bunch coriander, reserve leaves for serving and stalks will be used for broth 


1 x 300g packet plant-based chicken

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

Salt & pepper


100g rice noodles – dry 

6 shitake mushrooms sliced

1 bunch bok choy – end removed and leaves separated

2 cups bean sprouts

Lime wedges and fresh chilli to serve


In a pot toast the coriander seeds, cinnamon stick, star anise, cloves until fragrant for around 1 minute. 

Now add mushroom stock, water, ginger, onion, spring onion, vegan fish sauce, the stalks of the coriander. Season with salt and pepper. 

Allow the mixture to simmer for 20-30 minutes.  

Meanwhile, heat a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil in a hot pan. Fry the plant-based chicken until deep golden brown, using tongs to turn the chicken. Season with a little salt and pepper.  

Prepare the rice noodles by soaking them in hot water – once softened drain and set aside. 

Once the broth is set, drain it to remove the spring onion etc and collect the broth in a bowl – the solid chunks can now be discarded.

Bring the broth to heat again so it is simmering.

Place rice noodles in bowls. Top with mushrooms, bok choy and crispy plant-based chicken. Ladle the broth over the noodles. Top with bean shoots, herbs, chilli and serve with a wedge of lime.