Ultimate Vegetarian Grazing Platter


310g roasted peppers, cut into strips 

280g dolmades

340g marinated asparagus 

220g mixed olives

220g Kalamata olives

230g stuffed olives 

90g mini toasts

200g brie

200g cheddar cheese, block 

1 punnet strawberries 

1 large bunch grapes 

1 punnet raspberries 

125g grissini 


Greek Salad Bites

235g stuffed olives

1 punnet cherry tomatoes

200g feta, cut into cubes

1 packet baby cucumbers, cut into thick rounds



200g hummus, store-bought or homemade

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

2 tsp dukkah


Arrange the cheese and fresh fruit on a clean platter or bored. Place small bowls on the board, tucked between fruit and cheese, and pour olives into the bowls. Pour the asparagus and capsicum strips into a dish. Stack the dolmades on the board. 

To prepare the Greek salad bites layer a cherry tomato, a cucumber round, a piece of feta and an olive on a toothpick. Repeat the process and then stack it in a pile on your board. 

Place the hummus in a nice serving bowl, smooth out with the back of a spoon. Pour the extra virgin olive oil over the top of the hummus and top with dukkah. Place on the board and surround with grissini and french toast. Arrange the ingredients however you like!