Tuna, Soy & Ginger Onigiri

Serves 6
Time 1 hour


3 cups sushi rice, cooked and cooled 

Sushi seasoning 



95g canned tuna in soy & ginger

2 tbsp bonito flakes

1 tbsp pickled ginger, diced 

¼ cup cucumber, diced 

2 spring onion, greens finely chopped

Kewpie mayonnaise 



Nori sheets


To Serve

Toasted sesame seeds

Bonito flakes 

2½ tbsp soy sauce


Use a fork to combine tuna (with the soy and ginger), bonito flakes, pickled ginger, cucumber, spring onion and kewpie mayonnaise. Season with pepper. 

On a sheet of cling wrap build a base of rice in a triangular shape (you can use a mould during this step), create a small well in the centre of the rice and place a scoop of the tuna mixture in the centre, top with more rice, cover with cling film and press to shape into a triangular shape, encasing the tuna in the rice. Dip your hands in water if the rice is sticking too much. 

Sprinkle the onigiri with sesame seeds and bonito flakes. Use a sheet of nori and wrap it around the base of the onigiri. Serve with soy sauce.