Tuna Cheese Melts


Medium size Egg Loaf (Challah)

350g Tinned Tuna

Dill Herb (Small to Medium branch)

50g Chives

1 Red Onion

2 tbsp Mayonnaise

2 Tbsp Dijon Mustard

250g cherry tomatoes

10 Slices of Colby Cheese

Sault and Pepper (To taste)


Empty Tuna can into bowl and break up into pieces. Cut Dill into fine pieces, and mix through the tuna.

Take chives and remove any white roots. Finely chop chives and half a red onion and add to into Tuna Bowl.

Mix ingredients together in bowl, adding Salt and Pepper to taste.

Take a whole egg loaf (Challah or any soft loaf) and slice horizontally; directly in half.

Liberally spread mayonnaise over bottom half of the loaf. Take Dijon Mustard and repeat, making sure to mix both condiments together in the process.

Spoon Tuna bowl contents onto the loaf making sure to spread to edges. Cut tomatoes in half, and place on top of loaf.

Take colby slices and place either half or whole slices covering the loaf.

Place on oven tray, and insert under griller. Heat on Maximum for three to five mins; or until cheese melts over the bread slice.

Remove Loaf and slice into pizza style triangles to serve. 

Serves 4