Toasted Sesame Nori Crisps

Serves 30 crisps
Time 25


3 sheets toasted nori
½ cup extra virgin olive oil
¼ brown rice syrup
1 tbsp chilli flakes
1 tbsp sesame seeds
Sea salt


Preheat oven to 180ºC. Stack nori sheets, cut into 2-inch strips, stack again and cut in half. Cover baking tray with parchment paper, and lay individual strips of nori side by side on paper.

In small bowl, whisk together oil and syrup. Using a pastry brush, generously coat the top of each piece of nori with syrup mixture. The oil and syrup tend to separate, so continue to mix as you work. When all nori pieces are coated, sprinkle with sesame seeds, chilli flakes and salt. Toast in oven 5–7 minutes (keep a close eye as they burn easily).

When seeds are light brown, remove from oven and set aside to cool until nori is firm enough to handle. Flip nori pieces, brush with syrup mixture and sprinkle with sesame seeds, seasoning and salt.

Return to oven for another 5–7 minutes. (or just one side) Remove from oven and cool completely. Repeat until all ingredients are used. Store in airtight container.