Tim Tam Trifle

Serves 12
Time 30 minutes


8 Tim Tams – 6 crushed and 2 for decoration
1 packet Tim Tams, roughly broken into chunks
1 chocolate sponge, sliced or crumbled
1 shot espresso coffee
1 brownie, broken into crumbs or pieces
60ml Kahlúa
300ml double thick cream, whipped 

150g mascarpone, whipped
2-3 tbsp maple syrup
2-3 tbsp thickened cream 

200g melted chocolate
¼ cup thickened cream

To Garnish
1 sprig mint leaves


Combine cream, mascarpone, maple syrup in a bowl and mix until combined. 

Assemble the tiramisu by layering sponge on the bottom and pouring over some kahlua. Next top the sponge with a couple of spoons of mascarpone mixture and a handful of crushed Tim Tams, broken Tim Tams and broken brownie. Continue layering the ingredients until they are all used.

To complete the Tim Tam Trifle, garnish with a few mint leaves and top with any extra Tim Tams you may have.