Steamed Sticky Rice Parcels

Serves 4
Time 30 minutes


4 banana leaves, softened
250g black sticky rice, soaked overnight, drained
1 pinch salt
1 cup coconut milk
¼ cup maple syrup

¼ cup shredded coconut
½ cup macadamias, roughly chopped
1 tbsp black sesame seeds
Pinch cinnamon, ground
Dried pineapple


Cook the rice with double the amount of water and a pinch of salt until tender, approximately 25 minutes and set aside to cool.

In a saucepan, combine coconut milk, maple syrup and bring to a gentle boil, set aside to cool slightly before adding rice, mix well.

Take one banana leaf, place a spoonful of rice and wrap leaf into a parcel and secure. Repeat a few more times.

Place in a steamer and steam for 15-20 minutes.

Open the parcels and top the steamed rice with coconut, macadamia nuts, black sesame seeds, cinnamon and pineapple.