Smoked Spicy and Sweet Salmon


Salmon Cure:
2 salmon fillets, skin on and remove bones
½  cup honey
¼  cup salt
2 tbsp. crushed black peppercorns

For the rub:
1 ½ tbsp. honey
1 tbsp. coriander
1 tbsp. paprika
1½  tsp. black pepper
1½  tsp. cayenne pepper
½ tsp. Murray River Salt


To cure the Salmon: The curing process removes water from the fish, and instead replaces it with the salt and sugar mixture. This adds flavour and also serves to preserve the fish and prevent spoilage.

Prepare a baking sheet large enough to hold your salmon fillets. Lay a thin sheet of foil on the baking sheet, and then lay a thin sheet of plastic wrap on top of the foil. Sprinkle a third of the cure onto the plastic wrap, roughly the length of your fillet. Lay the fillet skin-side-down onto the cure and then sprinkle another third of the cure onto the flesh. Stack the second fillet skin-side-down onto the coated flesh of the first fillet. Sprinkle the last third of the cure on top of this fillet and then cover with another sheet of plastic wrap and more foil.

Wrap the plastic wrap and foil tightly around the fish. This will contain any oils or juices that may escape from the curing process. Set another baking sheet on top of the foil-wrapped fish and weigh it down with something heavy, like a few cookbooks or canned goods.

Refrigerate the salmon for 1-3 hours to cure.

When the salmon has cured, remove the fish from the fridge and unwrap the foil. You should be greeted to a bright, juicy red piece of fish. Thoroughly rinse off the fish under cold water, making sure to wash off any of the cure that hasn’t absorbed into the fish.

Pat both fillets dry with napkins or paper towels. Mix together the dry rub ingredients until well combined. Pat the spice rub mixture onto one of the fillets to form a thin layer. Dust off any excess and let the salmon marinate for 20 minutes or so. Repeat with second fillet, or leave the second fillet un-seasoned to give dinner guests an option.

Put the BBQ on low to medium heat and place chickery wood chips directly onto the coals.

Once it starts smoking, place your salmon directly onto the bbq grate skin down and pop the lid on. Leave smoking for 20-30 mins or until cooked and then its ready to serve with with a glass of rose wine or a cold wit beer. Have friends over to enjoy with you, or have it all to yourself — with leftovers to enjoy throughout the week.