Salmon Wellington


250gm cream cheese

1 side of salmon, minus the tail, pin-boned and scaled

1 tsp lemon zest

1 leek, roughly chopped

50 gm butter

3 cloves garlic

1 bunch dill

1 bunch parsley, roughly chopped

1 bunch chives, roughly chopped

1 spring onion, roughly chopped

salt and pepper

100g melted butter for the fillo pastry



Pre-heat an oven to 180C, fan-forced. Mix the cream cheese with the dill and parsley melt butter in a pan, and the leeks, allowing them to sweat in the pan. Season with salt and pepper and add the spring onions. Add the leek and spring onion mixture to the cream cheese mixture and mix together.

Season the salmon with salt and pepper, slice down the middle and lay one piece on top of the other. Take a couple of sheets of fillo pastry and lay them down on the board with a bit of overlap, wide enough to wrap the salmon. Brush with the melted butter and add another 3 layers of pastry (6 sheets).

Spread the cream cheese mixture over the top of the salmon, then place the salmon in the middle of the fill pastry layers. Wrap the salmon in the fillo pastry, applying butter before each fold, and then over the whole salmon wellington once it’s wrapped. Sprinkle some poppy seeds on top

Brush some butter on a shallow oven try, place the salmon wellington in the middle and place in the oven for 25 -30minutes or until cooked .