Roasted Beetroot and Blood Orange Salad


1 bunch of baby beetroot, cleaned, halved and keep the leaves
2 blood oranges, peeled and cut thinly sliced into rounds
1½ tbsp raspberry vinegar
½ a bunch of fresh basil, finely chopped or use other micro herbs
2 tbsp goats feta, for serving
¼ cup pepitas, roasted
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper


Pre-heat to oven to 180C. Place the beetroot into a baking tray and 2-4 tbsp. olive oil, season and bake for 15-20 minutes. Once cooked, set aside and allow to cool.

In a small bowl mix together the olive oil, vinegar and basil. Arrange the roasted beetroot, beetroot leaves and blood orange on a tray and drizzle with the dressing and serve with the pepitas and goats feta scattered on top.