Quinoa & Chia Seed Rolls


2 cups quinoa, cooked

2 cups bread flour

1 cup wholemeal flour

1/4 cup chia seeds

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup oat & almond milk

2 tsp. yeast

3/4 cup warm water

1/3 cup honey

1/4 cup virgin coconut oil

2 tablespoons raw quinoa for sprinkling on top of loaf


Cook the chia seeds in the water and milk until liquid is absorbed and allow to cool.Place ¾ cup warm water in a large bowl and sprinkle yeast over the water. Allow to rest for 5 minutes. Stir honey and coconut oil into the yeast mixture with a wooden spoon. Add salt and 1 cup of the bread flour, cooked quinoa, chia seeds and stir well.

Add the wholemeal flour and 1 cup more of the bread flour and stir. When the dough starts to stiffen, turn out onto floured surface and begin to knead. (If using a food processor, continue to knead with dough hook). Keep adding flour and kneading until dough is smooth and elastic, about 5 minutes with a mixer, or 10 to 15 minutes by hand. Dough should feel slightly sticky but should not be wet and slack. You should be able to form it into a ball and it should hold its shape.

Lightly oil a large bowl with vegetable oil and place bread in the bowl, turning to coat lightly with the oil. Cover loosely with saran wrap and allow dough to rise in a warm spot until double in size, about 1.5 – 2 hours.

Punch down dough and shape into a small 4-6 ball and place on a baking tray. Let rise in warm place for 30 minutes, until bread has almost doubled in size. Brush top of load very lightly with olive oil and sprinkle with quinoa seeds. When oven is hot bake at 200C for 25-30 minutes.

Leave to cool and serve with olive oil or mashed avocado.