Paleo Mixed Grill


1 lamb liver

1 lamb kidney

3 beef rissoles

2 pork and fennel sausages

200g beef fillet steak

300g wagyu scotch

1 thick piece bacon

1 pork fillet wrapped in prosciutto

1 red onion, chopped roughly

50g butter

6 button mushrooms, sliced

2 large tomatoes

olive oil

salt and pepper


Season the meat with salt and pepper, and a little olive oil.

In a hot pan, or on a bbq, cook the meat (except the lamb liver and kidney) on each side to your liking. Add a couple of tomatoes into the pan. After 10 minutes or so of cooking the meat, add the lamb liver and the lamb kidney to cook for a few minutes.

Saute the chopped onion with butter in a separate pan.  Add mushrooms to the onions and pan fry.

Serve hot.