Nicoise Salad


4 slices of tuna (tuna steaks), approx 150 grams each

1 tbsp mustard

200 ml tarragon vinegar

olive oil to taste

50 g salt

2 chilies, chopped

2 sprig rosemary

¼ cup roughly chopped parsley  

¼ cup black or green olives

2 red peppers cut in half, de-seeded and cut into small strips

200g green beans, blanched until cooked but still firm

¼ cup picked basil

3 spring onions, sliced

4 anchovies

100g kipfler potatoes

4 eggs



Cover tuna steak with salt and pepper. Grill on high heat.

Boil eggs and boil potatoes but leave firm. Cut into ¼ when cooked. In a bowl mix mustard, tarragon vinegar and oil to make the dressing. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and serve.