Nego Meshi

Serves 2
Time 20 minutes


Dashi stock
1L water
2 pieces dried kombu kelp (wiped and soaked in water overnight)
10g katsuobushi (bonito flakes) 

240g cooked Japanese rice
150g assorted sashimi (except salmon)
1 tsp Shiro miso paste
1 tsp grated ginger 

To serve

Spring onion, thinly chopped 

Nori, shredded 

250ml awase dashi stock 

Soy sauce


Lightly wipe off the dried Kombu surface. Place Kombu in a saucepan with water and leave it overnight.

Put the pan over medium heat. Bring just to simmer and remove Kombu from the pan.

Add Katsuo-bushi to the pan. Slowly bring it to a boil over medium heat. Turn it down to slow heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Ensure it isn’t boiling at this stage as it will lose the flavour. Turn it off and strain the stock.

Coarsely chop sashimi fillets.

Serve cooked rice in a Donburi bowl, sprinkle shredded Nori and place chopped sashimi topping with miso paste, grated ginger and spring onion.

Once served at the table, drizzle soy sauce on the donburi and start tasting. Halfway through the meal, pour dashi stock and dissolve miso paste for flavour change.