Layered Ice Cream Cake

Serves 10
Time 45 minutes + setting time


1 sponge cake, halved lengthways  


Strawberry Compote 

2 punnets strawberries, halved  

½ cup caster sugar 


570ml raspberry coconut swirl gelati, softened

570ml vanilla gelati, softened

570ml peanut butter with chocolate caramel swirl gelati, softened


To serve

1 punnet blueberries

1 punnet raspberries 

1 bunch mint

Icing sugar 

200g double cream


Add sugar and strawberries to a saucepan over low heat, cover with a lid and stir occasionally ensuring that it doesn’t stick. Simmer until the berries have begun to break down, about 10-15 minutes. Allow to cool. 

Prepare a baking tin with baking paper, place one half of the sponge cake in the bottom of the tray, drizzle a few spoonfuls of the cooled compote over the sponge. Pour one tub of ice cream over the top and spread out until smooth, drizzle another few spoonfuls of compote over the ice cream and complete this layering process with the remaining ice cream and compote finishing with the second half of the sponge cake. Gently press down and place in the freezer to set for a few hours or ideally overnight. 

Take the cake out of the freezer for a few minutes to soften slightly before serving. Use a hot knife to slice the cake. 

Stir the berries with a dusting of icing sugar and serve with the cake and a dollop of cream. Dust with icing sugar and garnish with mint.