Korean Fried Chicken Burger

Serves 4
Time 30 minutes


Chicken coating

2 chicken breast fillets, skin removed and sliced on angle

2½ tsp salt

1 tsp miso

2 cloves garlic

2 tsp ginger, fresh

¼ cup mirin

1 tsp gochujang (bbq paste)

¼ cup light soy sauce

Juice from pickled ginger


2 cups breadcrumbs

1 packet of original rice crackers

30g of plain flour

2 sprinkle of chilli flakes, preferably gochugaru (Korean chilli flakes)

2 1/2 tsp garlic powder

2 1/2 tsp onion powder

4 medium eggs


Vegetable oil, for frying


Sweet Crunchy Asian Slaw

3 cups mixed red and green cabbage, sliced

2 red chillies seeded + sliced

2 tbsp fresh pickled ginger slices

½ bunch spring onion, chopped on angle

½ cup kewpie mayonnaise

2 tbsp dried shallots

½ bunch coriander

2 tsp sesame seeds



4 buns


Microplane ginger and garlic into a large bowl with mirin and miso. Add in gochujang paste, soy sauce and pickled ginger juice and whisk together.


Next, season chicken with salt and place into the marinade to coat. Place in fridge for 30 minutes to 1 hour or preferably overnight.


Prepare three separate bowls. In the first bowl, place rice crackers and crush with hands.


In the second bowl add breadcrumbs with rice seasoning and half of the chilli flakes. Combine the crushed rice crackers into the second bowl and mix together with hands.


Finally, in the last bowl, add plain flour, the remaining chilli flakes, garlic powder and onion powder. Mix together with hands.


In a new separate bowl crack eggs and whisk. Next, take each chicken breast and place it into the flour, then the egg and then the crumb to coat and set aside.


Place crumbed chicken breast into fry pan filled with vegetable oil.


Meanwhile, combine salad ingredients; cabbage, chilli, spring onion, ginger and kewpie mayonnaise to make the coleslaw. Mix together.


Remove chicken from pan and rest on wire rick. Season with salt.


Spoon the coleslaw onto bottom of bun with chicken placed on top and place the lid of the burger bun on top. Serve.