Kataifi Baskets

Serves 6
Time 1 hour


1 packet kataifi pastry (room temperature) 

⅓ cup pistachios, chopped

1 cup melted butter, drizzle 

Honey, drizzle 


Cheese filling

1 cup ricotta or cottage cheese 

1 cup sour cream

Zest ½ orange 

¼ cup icing sugar

¼ cup honey 


To serve

3 peaches, halved and sliced 

Orange zest

Sprig mint


Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Gently tease kataifi pastry apart. Divide into 6 portions. Gently spread one portion into a line, sprinkle with chopped pistachios, drizzle over melted butter and honey. Briefly pat down and wrap around a metal or ceramic mould to form your basket shape. Place in the oven 20-30 minutes or until golden brown. 

For the cheese filling, add all ingredients together in a bowl and whisk to combine. 

To serve, add a tbsp of cheese mixture to the plate, add the Kataifi Basket on top and fill the basket with cheese mixture. Add peaches, orange zest and mint on top.