Haloumi Fried Cheese Steak in a Bun with Pickles


500g fillet steak

400g haloumi

250g pickles

100g sauerkraut

¼ cup plain flour

½ a knob of butter


tomato sauce

extra virgin olive oil

4 soft white buns



2 truss tomatoes

1 red or white salad onion

¼ bunch parsley

¼ bunch chives

1 chilli

1 clove garlic

1 lemon, juiced


Slice haloumi, coat in flour and pan fry in extra virgin olive oil on medium heat until golden. Season steak with salt and pepper and pan sear with butter.

Spread buns with sauces. Cut salad ingredients and add to bun with sauerkraut, steak and haloumi.