Confit Salmon

Serves 4
Time 20-25 minutes


4 x 250g pieces of salmon, skin on, pin boned

1L extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp coriander seeds

1 tsp peppercorns

1 bunch thyme

6 bay leaves

1 small piece of lemon skin

1 tbsp peppercorn

1 pinch salt


30g butter

1 bunch asparagus, sliced

1 bunch broccolini, sliced

1 bunch chives, halved



1-2 medium tomatoes, diced

1 handful capers

2 tsp chives

100ml extra virgin olive oil

1 squeeze of lemon
Lemon, wedges to serve


Preheat the extra virgin olive oil in a large pan to 72˚C. Add thyme, bay leaves, coriander seeds, lemon skin and peppercorn to the oil. Salt the salmon.

Once the temperature is maintained at 72˚C, turn the heat off and place the salmon fillets into the oil, wiggling them at the top so that they don’t sink to the bottom of the pan. It’s important that the salmon fillets are completely submerged in the olive oil.

It’s important to have a thermometer for this recipe, as the aim is to cook it on a very low and even heat, allowing it to confit and not bake.

You know the oil is too hot if it starts to bubble and if you see white protein extracting from the fish.

Allow the salmon to sit in the oil for a few minutes, until the temperature comes down to around 45˚C

To make the veggies, in a pot, boil the broccolini and asparagus with a pinch of salt. In a separate fry pan, melt the butter and add the boiled greens into the pan with some chives. Add some cracked pepper and continue to fry.

Meanwhile, make the salsa. In a small bowl, mix the tomato, chives, capers, lemon and olive oil. Set aside.

Once cooked, remove the fish from the oil.

Serve greens on the bottom of plate with salmon and salsa served on top.