Cherry & Chocolate Ricotta Tart

Serves 6
Time 1 hour 30 minutes


100g sugar
150g unsalted butter, chilled
1 eggs
1 egg yolk
1 tsp vanilla extract
Juice and zest of ½ lemon
300g plain flour
Pinch salt

Ricotta Filling
500g ricotta cheese
½ cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence
500g cherries, pitted & halved
Zest ½ lemon
200g dark chocolate chips


For the pastry:

Cream the butter and the sugar in the bowl of an electric mixer with the paddle attachment until pale and creamy. Add the egg, egg yolk, vanilla, and lemon juice and zest, one at a time, mixing thoroughly after each addition. Add the flour and salt and mix until the dough comes together but is still soft. Be careful not to over mix until the dough or the pastry will be tough.

Rest for 1 hour at room temperature.

Preheat the oven to 170°C. On a floured surface, roll out the pastry to ½cm thickness. Grease a 28cm flan tin and carefully roll the pastry onto it. Press the pastry firmly into the edges of the tin and trim the edges.

Line the pastry with baking paper and fill with weights – dry beans or rice. Blind bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until golden.

Remove the weights and prick the pastry shell all over with a fork. Return to the oven for 5-8 minutes, then brush the inside with a little lightly beaten egg and return to the oven for a further 2 minutes. Allow to cool.

For the filling:

Combine the ricotta and sugar in a bowl. Beat the eggs together with the vanilla essence then add to the ricotta and stir gently to combine. Fold through the cherries, lemon zest and chocolate chips, then pour the mixture into the pastry shell.


Place into the oven at 170°C for 30 minutes or until set and golden on top. Dust with icing sugar to serve.