Blueberry Yoghurt Trifle

Serves 6-8
Time 30 minutes


2 plain sponge cake rounds
Juice of 1 lemon
2 cups Greek yoghurt
2 punnets blueberries
¼ cup coconut sugar
½ cup water
Almond flakes, toasted, to garnish
Mint leaves, to garnish


To make the coulis, add the blueberries, water and coconut sugar into a saucepan on low heat for five to ten minutes. Stir until the blueberries become more like a jam consistency. Allow to cool.

In a large glass bowl break up 1 sponge cake round to make a base to the trifle. Squeeze half the lemon juice over it to infuse.

Add a layer of yoghurt onto the sponge, followed by a layer of coulis.

Repeat the layering process with the sponge, lemon juice, yoghurt, coulis and top with toasted flaked almonds and mint.

Refrigerate for half an hour before serving.