1 Bolar blade
1 Piece ham
1 Piece beef
1 Piece corn silver side
1 Pork sausage
½ Cup duck fat
1 Garlic
1 Shallot
1 tbls fresh peas
2 Kaffir potatoes
Fresh parsley
Spring onions
Chicken breast



When ever a cook had amassed enough left over meat, we would serve “Bixmatur”, a medley of fried meat leftovers served with potatoes & onions.

Heat a fry pan at a low temperature
Add ½ a cup of duck fat into the pan
Chop up 1 garlic into fine pieces, place into the fry pan and bring to a slow simmer
Cut 1 shallot and slice two Kaffir potatoes into thin slices and add to the pan
Cut medium pieces of ham, bowler blade, corn silver side, chicken breast, beef and pork sausage into finely diced cubes.
Add the meat into the pan and turn the temperature up to high
Season the ingredients with salt and pepper
Add a tablespoon of fresh peas and fresh parsley and chopped spring onions into the pan and stir
Add additional salt and pepper and stir till Swedish hash is cooked.
Serve the Swedish hash with an egg yoke and toast

Serve with fried egg and ketchup (optional), and a fresh salad.