Big Breakfast with Oatcakes



225g oats (soaked in 450mL milk overnight)

225g self-raising flour,

1tsp salt

1 cup panela

3 eggs yolks & white separated, whites whisked to firm peaks


olive oil/duck fat/butter to cook



2 blood Sausage

2 pork sausage

6 Eggs

200 gms thick cut Bacon

4 field Mushroom

2 cooked Nicola Potato

1 large ox heart Tomato

2 red onions

1/4 cup Goose fat or duck fat

1 loaf Sourdough

1 sprig parsley



Stir the oats, flour, salt, panela and egg yolks together and then stir in the egg whites.

Melt some butter in a frying pan and pour in enough oat mixture to reech the sides of the pan. Like a pancake, flip the oatcake once bubbles form on top



Cook all of the garnish in the goose fat in a frying pan with the parsley.