1 pkt fillo pastry

250g butter

500g almond meal

¼ cup pistachio nuts

¼ cup currants

¼ cup sultanas

1 bottle orange/rose blossom syrup

6 cardamom pods

1 tbsp cinnamon

¼ cup flaked almonds

1 orange

2 cup sugar

2 tbsp icing sugar



To make stock syrup heat ½ cup water, 1 cup sugar, cardamom pods and some rose blossom syrup. Drop orange peel into syrup. 

In a food processor mix pistachios, currents, pitted prunes and sultanas.

Add almond meal, butter and mix. Remove mixture an place in bowl. Mix in slithered almonds, rosewater and cinnamon.

Roll out fillo pastry and brush with melted butter. Place 1 – 2 cm thick line across fillo pastry. Roll up fillo pastry over and then turn into a coil. Place into cake tin.