MSG in Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine has long been associated with the use of MSG in its preparation – but why does it get such a bad wrap?

Starting in 1968, a report was published claiming that people who ate food containing MSG can develop symptoms such as headaches, skin flushing, nausea and even chest pains. Even though scientists since then have not proven the link, some people may still be sensitive to the food additive. MSG is widely used in the food industry as it improves the taste of food, and controversially it can also be used to mask the use of lower quality or less fresh ingredients, without compromising reported flavour.

Creating your own Asian food at home remains the best (and most fun) way to know what you’re really putting in your body. AYAM™ offers a wide range of Asian Sauces from staples such as Oyster Sauce and Fish Sauce, to Teriyaki and Honey Soy marinades. Rest-assured, their entire Asian Sauce range contains no added MSG (some ingredients have naturally-occurring MSG) as well as no preservatives, so you know you’re bringing out the authentic flavours in your Asian dish without any of the traditional nasties you’d find in Asian takeaway. AYAM™ Asian Sauces (with the exception of Organic Soy and Bonito Soy) are also gluten-free!

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