Lunch 2.0

“What’s for lunch today?” is probably one of the most feared questions that Australian home cooks face each day, but it’s easy when you start with the perfect protein.

With time in short supply and a constant pressure to create tasty new options, smart cooks are thinking outside the lunchbox and mixing things up with simple ingredient swaps.

Whether it’s a mouth-watering BLT, a simple Ploughman’s lunch or a twist on the ham and cheese sanga, Primo’s new Premium Selections™ range adds flavour and variety to the everyday.

Here are a few ideas to make your mouth water:


Instead of Try
A regular BLT Swapping regular bacon for Primo’s Smokey BBQ Bacon and add some delicious gourmet relish for an added twist.
Plain ham and cheese sandwich Swiss cheese, tapenade and salami with a twist – try a new flavour like Garlic, Wine and Paprika or Premium Chilli.

Try a crusty sourdough roll with fresh salad, caramelised onion relish and Pepper Crusted Roast Pork or Roast Beef.

Alternatively, if time is really tight, go for something tried and true, with a focus on delicious, quality ingredients like Premium Selections™ Traditional Leg Ham on a crusty roll with fresh butter, cheese and a little mayonnaise.

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