Know Your Salt

Salt comes in many forms and has many uses in cooking, from salting the pasta water to seasoning a steak prior to cooking. All cooks should have a good quality, natural sea salt in their kitchen.

You should know how much your salt weighs; as a general rule, a heaped teaspoon of flaky sea salt weights around 5 grams which is significantly less than a teaspoon of table salt.

If serving a flake salt for your guests, place a small amount in a pinch bowl for guest to season their own food using their fingertips.

Salt flakes can be used during the cooking process or as a finishing salt to adjust the final seasoning before serving the dish.

Salt flakes can be incorporated with other herbs and spices to create a salt rub or accompaniment to a dish such as citrus salt for a seafood dish.

Salt flakes are not just for savoury dishes, they can be used in sweet dishes such as salted caramel or dark chocolate dishes to add an interesting flavour dimension.

Visit Murray River Salt’s website for further information on how to use salt flakes and suggested recipes.