Kataifi Pastry – String pastry, not shredded pastry!

First, it’s important to note what Kataifi Pastry is not. Kataifi pastry IS NOT shredded fillo, rather, it is what we like to call, string pastry.

How is Kataifi Pastry made?

Kataifi pastry starts out as a crepe-like batter, unlike fillo pastry which begins as a dough. The Kataifi batter is poured through fine spouts onto a heated metal plate, where it is briefly dried and cooked. It is during this process that the beautiful fine strands of kataifi pastry are created.

We have perfected the art of making Kataifi Pastry over the last 59 years and is the reason why here at Antoniou, we’re known as the Fillo & Kataifi Pastry specialists.


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