Isn’t All Salt the Same?

Salt is so common and familiar that we barely stop to think about it’s remarkable properties. Salt is an essential ingredient in our pantry and makes flavours come alive – imagine French fries or summer tomatoes without salt!

As home cooks, we are confronted with a wide variety of salts from common granular table salt through to more exotic varieties such as Indian black salt, smoked salt, truffle salt or Fleur de Sel from France. Each salt is subtly different and may have different applications from pickling through to a finishing salt.

Murray River Salt produces the iconic Murray River Gourmet salt flakes which are known for their superior texture and subtle flavour. Due to the mineral content, Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes are not as ‘salty’ as common granular table salt. The subtle flavour magically enhances flavour rather than overpowering it. From a health perspective, Murray River Salt products have a lower sodium level than other salt products.

So why not try Murray River Gourmet Salt flakes to taste the difference! Visit Murray River Salt’s website to find your nearest stockist.