Find a Cream to Suit Every Occasion

It is important to choose the right type of cream for the right occasion. This ensures you are using it properly as not all creams are equal. There are many types of creams for different purposes which can be confusing when shopping.

Here are some cream fast facts to find a Bulla cream to suit every occasion:


Heats without curdling

Bulla Cooking Cream has been specifically created for trouble free cooking. Developed in conjunction with chefs, Bulla Cooking Cream withstands high heat and can be mixed with acidic or alcohol based ingredients without curdling or splitting. It rapidly thickens to the perfect consistency, and is delicious straight from the pack on desserts.

Perfect Thickness

Crafted with care, Bulla Dollop Cream has been created especially for dolloping. With a consistent shape and perfect thickness, this cream is ideal for dolloping on the side of your favourite dessert, piping into cakes or filling pastries and other sweet treats. No whipping required.

Flexible and multi-purpose

Created using more than 100 years of dairy-making knowledge, Bulla’s Award Winning Crème Fraîche has a rich, velvety texture and mild, tangy taste that is less tart than sour cream. Considered to be the most flexible and multipurpose cream available, it is perfect for sweet and savoury dishes. Bulla Crème Fraîche is a perfect addition to soups, casseroles or sauces.

Creamy and decadent

Bulla’s Pure Cream is a 45% fat content cream made with nothing but Pure Cream. It is a rich, creamy & decadent cream, perfect for whipping, cooking or simply pouring over your favourite dessert.


Bulla Dairy is proudly still owned and made in Australia by the same three families and as a company use fresh milk and cream delivered daily. Find out more information on their products and great recipes at –