Fast Tips with AYAM™

Fast Tip #1: Quick Stir-fries
Want a quick dinner to impress the crowd? Grab your favourite meat and veggies and stir-fry with Oyster Sauce. Slightly sweet, slightly salty and a little bit earthy, Oyster Sauce makes for a mouth-watering marinade for your meat and can be deliciously tossed with Chinese veggies as well.

Fast Tip #2: Curry in a Hurry
Make life easier with our 100% natural AYAM™ Curry Paste range. With a subtle mix of spices and red chillies, Massaman Curry is a mild and creamy Thai curry you can put together for a family with a few household ingredients and 40 minutes of your time.
Full recipe here

Fast Tip #3: Coconut on the run
Incorporate the nutritious health benefits of coconut into your diet the easy way! Whip up a Coconut Smoothie in the morning using anything from berries and bananas to yogurt and honey. Add some premium coconut milk or cream for a delicious and smooth consistency.

Fast Tip #4: Multipurpose Asian Sauces
Undecided on how to prepare your stirfry, roast, grill or barbeque? Try our multipurpose AYAM™ Asian sauce and marinade range like the popular Hoisin Sauce, the versatile Honey Soy Marinade and the mild and sweet Teriyaki Sauce which are great for all of the above!