Everyone thinks duck is hard — and that’s exactly why you should make it.


Picture this: Guests around the table, hungry faces, eager to see what you’ve prepared. You emerge into the dining room brandishing a perfectly cooked whole roast duck. Your guests ooh and ahh over its glowing crispy skin, its beautifully tender meat, and the wonderfully rich sauces to accompany it.

“Wow, someone went all out!” they think to themselves. But that’s exactly what you want them to think.

Everyone seems to think that duck is difficult to prepare, and that’s where we’ve found a little shortcut to being an impressive host. The truth is, duck doesn’t require a whole lot of effort at all!

“Even roasting a chicken is hard, wouldn’t duck be harder?” your guests ask.

You give a knowing smile. You know that because duck is so full of natural flavour, it doesn’t need much to make it sing. A roasting duck bastes itself. Salts in the fat seep through the meat, adding flavour. There’s no need for stuffing. It doesn’t even take as long as chicken to prepare.

“How did you get the meat so tender?” they keep prodding. Obviously some of them have had bad experiences with dry chicken breast.

Maybe you let them think you know how to select the right duck. Maybe you let them think you calculated cooking time down to the second. Maybe you let them think you’re a wizard. But really, all you had to do was nothing. Literally nothing. Letting the duck rest for 20 minutes after the oven lets the juices reabsorb, making it moist and tender.

They ask more. “Never had sauces like this before! How did you even know how to pair it?”

You say it’s a family secret. But it’s not–it’s just super simple. Duck is naturally flavourful, and that means you can pair it with other flavours without getting overpowered. That means stone and citrus fruits are your playground with accompaniments here, whereas chicken would get lost in them. Asian flavours play well too.

They’ll ask some questions throughout dinner, and you’d be glad to let them think you’re a world class chef. But you know there isn’t too much to it. Perfectly cooked duck is just a cinch to prepare. Though, your guests don’t have to know–it can be our secret.

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