For a Cracking Good Meal, It’s Got To Be Eggs

Fried, poached, scrambled, baked or boiled – if you have an egg in your house, you have the making of a meal in minutes. Eggs are fast and easy to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And they can be used as an ingredient in lots of delicious and simple dishes such as omelettes, salads, pancakes, tarts and quiches. The humble egg is an essential and versatile ingredient in so many dishes we cook every day. Even better, eggs are natural – they come in their original ‘packaging ‘ – and are inexpensive and available all year round.

Plus, eggs are the perfect partner to bacon and they go well with cheese, bread, tomatoes, asparagus, ham, salad leaves, herbs, anchovies and prawns.

Eggs are also a perfect package of nutrients that we need in a balanced diet. Eggs are rich in high quality natural proteins, vitamins, minerals and important essential elements. Eggs are also one of the few foods that contain vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. In fact, two eggs (100g serve) provide about 16% of your daily Vitamin D requirements (RDI).

Ecoeggs are even better. Ecoeggs contain increased levels of Omega 3, Vitamin E, B12 and Vitamin D compared to an ordinary egg, as well as being a good source of Folate, Selenium, and Iodine. Two Ecoeggs provide 28% AI (Adequate Daily Intake) of Omega-3.

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