Spicy Strawberry Yoghurt Treat

Spicy Strawberry Yoghurt Treat


2 cups low fat natural yoghurt
4 scoops Isowhey Strawberry Protein Powder
¼ cup toasted pistachios, copped coarsely
¼ tsp. group nutmeg
1 tbsp. honey
Leaves of mint for decoration

Place all of the ingredients apart from the pistachios in a bowl and mix till smooth.
Serve in small jars tops with the pistachios and a couple of mint leaves.

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  • What could you use instead of Isowhey Strawberry Protein Powder? I would really appreciate if you would answer :) Thanks! Sandra
  • I am the same I would love the ideas that you have for Isowhey protein. I am in our 50's and ideas for protein are always excellent. Kerrie
  • What could I use instead of protein powder, would appreciate your answer with thanks Laraine Laraine
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