Cumin Chicken Thighs with Spicy Pistachio Quinoa

Cumin Chicken Thighs with Spicy Pistachio Quinoa


Chicken thighs x 6
1 tbsp. cumin powder
½ tbsp. coriander powder
2 tsp. chilli powder
½ cup Greek yoghurt
½ a cup chopped fresh coriander
1 tsp. sea salt

Pistachio Quinoa ingredients:
2 cup cooked quinoa
5 tbsp. pistachio
4 tbsp. pomegranate seed
2 tbsp. currants
2 tsp. lemon zest
4 tbsp. lemon juice
5 tbsp. EVO oil
3 tsp. Murray River sea salt

Serve with yoghurt

In a large mixing bowl add all of the chicken ingredients and combine until chicken is well coated.

Leave to marinate for 15 minutes.

In another mixing bowl combine all of the quinoa ingredients and leave to marinate. 

Heat a large griddle or frying pan to a medium/high heat and cook the chicken thighs for 3-4 minutes each side. 

Serve the chicken on a bed of spicy quinoa, topped with a spoon of yoghurt and a sprinkle of coriander and pomegranate seeds. 

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  • is there supposed yo be chilli in the quinoa? cumin powder quantity seems incorrect?? Ali
  • How many chicken thighs does this receipe use? Vanessa
  • Just Delicious! I just cooked this for Hubby and I as an easy weekend dish for a hot night! It really was so easy, so flavorsome and had lots of texture! I'm no kitchen whiz so I was a bit apprehensive at first as I've never used Quino before but it really was just a easy as Cous Cous, only lighter. We used lean chicken breast (which took slightly longer to cook), 1tbs of cumin powder and only half to 3/4 of a tsp of chilli powder for the spice mix and this was perfect for our tastes! I forgot the Pommegranite seeds; so I got inventive, let the quino cool off and added some dices green grapes! Yummo!!! Thanks Zoe :) Lena
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