Know your cooktops.

Gas, induction or electric ceramic, which to choose?

Gas is pretty straight forward apart from the base materials can be stainless steel or Glass.

GCT9020 v2

Kleenmaid’s electronic gas cooktop, as seen on GCBC, however brings new technology to gas cooking. Now you can set the cooktop to cook for a certain period of time. At the end of the set time the cooktop will turn itself off. Should the gas blow out during cooking the cooktop will automatically turn itself back on.

GCTEK9020 v1

Electric Ceramic is a glass cooktop with electric heating elements under the glass that burn bright red and heat the pot by heat transfer. These cooktops are generally the least expensive to purchase but are very inefficient and costly to run. They also produce a lot of heat and the glass surface gets very hot.

Hot electric hob


Induction cooktops are the most efficient of them all. They work by only heating the pot, meaning the glass itself is not heating up. Remarkable very little heat is emitted into the kitchen. The method of heating is via a magnetic induction circuit. The cooking temperatures are very precise and the versatility of what you can cook with confidence is without equal.

Egg on Induction-1

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