Know your non-dairy milks

The alternative milk industry is booming and there are new products appearing on our supermarket shelves every day! At least that’s what it feels like for many consumers!

However, not all non-dairy milks are created equal. Just because it is a plant-based milk doesn’t necessarily make it healthy. We’re here to help you look for the right things when buying your dairy-milk alternatives.

Percentage of the ‘primary’ ingredient

Whether it be soy, oat, rice or almond milk it is important that you look for a product that has a decent percentage of the main ingredient. Our Organic Activated Almond Milk is made using 10% activated almonds, that’s significantly more than many of the other almond milks on the market. This high percentage of almonds helps to  a wonderfully creamy and tasty drink!


We allow our natural, organic and good quality ingredients speak for themselves, no fuss! Just simple, delicious and good for you ingredients!


When it comes to flavour and quality we let the ingredients speak for themselves. Using only the finest organic and natural ingredients in all of our non-dairy milks there is no need for any nasties such as cane sugar, thickeners, fillers or preservatives.

At Pureharvest we have a wide range of organic dairy milk alternatives including Soy, Oat, Rice and Almond Milk. Find out more here,